Friday, May 22, 2009


Savannah is a very pretty city.

You can walk around.

You can sit at a park.

All very pretty and relaxing. I have gotten to know a lot pretty things.

Pretty things are stupid.

Savannah is very pretty. That makes it very, very stupid

People here don't read, the radio is garbage and the art is what your grandmother would buy for her grandmother. It is not the capital of cool. But it doesn't have to be, it can get by on it's looks.

Savannah is a tourist destination. Most people spend a weekend here and then move on. A weekend happens to be the amount of time you can spend with a really hot person with whom you have nothing in common. There are only so many conversations that lead to the bedroom and only so many positions once you get there.

Since you can't have sex with a city in the traditional since, to continue the metaphor, we'll say a city's restaurants are it's bedroom, and this city has plenty of restaurants. Southern food is this towns specialty, you can really only do it so many times until it just starts to hurt. This metaphor is getting a bit messy, so I'll close with this:

Savannah is like the pretty girl who knows no cool bands, never reads, gossips incessantly, but would be great for a three day romp in a town with good food and lots of bars.

You know, a town like Savannah.

K Tuttle

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eddie said...

You could always come back to Austin. It reads, listens to the greatest bands (some of which even YOU haven't heard of) and has the bliss of historical places and diversity of restaurants like no little big city in THAT country - by which I mean not the country of Texas.