Sunday, May 24, 2009

My girlfriend doesn't think this is funny. I wonder why.

I live in the House of Awesome. It is a cold place, temperature-wise, I mean. I wear an old man sweater around all the time, partly to keep warm, partly as a disguise. I have to hide my true nature while in the House of Awesome. You never suspect a guy wearing this sweater. See, the House of Awesome is run by a supervillian. She is a tyrant and rules through the power of nagging. She has 4 subjects, a couple of them are no good rats and a third is no better than a dog, I am the fourth.

I am the heart of the rebellion.

I, while not commited to the death of tyrants, am very good at subversion. She cannot know that I am the anarchistic vigilante ruining her plans of order and silence. I blame the dog.

NAG-A-RELLA, the Tryant, cannot stand loud music, but when she is away I can turn the music up as loud as it needs to be. Much music I listen to is slightly repetitive and slightly electronic. It changes subtly from bar to bar, often by one note or one added sound or rhythm every 4 bars. To really be appreciated it needs to be loud, VERY LOUD.

Wait... she just came back home. She it whining about the music being too loud, and asking, with a very annoyed voice, if it's Dan Deacon I'm listening to.

I have to go.

Viva le revolution!

Death to Tyrants...I mean, hi Honey.

K Tuttle

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