Monday, June 9, 2008

Misanthropy Part 2

Why would someone hate mankind? They do so many good things like make cheese, wine, and beer. That, I cannot argue with. Mankind has done so many good things that he cannot be considered innately evil.

Man is, however, innately bureaucratic.

He cannot have something that is simply good. He has to muck it up. For every beer, there is Prohibition. For every wine, there is Boone's Farm. For every cheese, a Vegan. Some one will always ruin the fun with rules. Stupid rule that ruin everyone's fun. Red tape, the staple of bureaucratic thought,so damn annoying. It makes bureaucracy feel far worse than evil.

There is also the fact that bureaucracy can only be fought with an Anarchistic Uprising. You know how hard it is to start one of those? It's hard. I've tried.

Evil can be fought with something simple, Good. It is easier to challenge evil. While mankind's innate bureaucracy makes change very difficult. Mostly becaus they are run by white males who fear change like the French fear backbones.

All this does make selling misanthropy easy. Allow me to elaborate.

Think about all the buetracratic paperwork you do in a day. Think about why you do all this paperwork and for whom. You hate mankind a little more already don't you?

Now, think about your boss. Think a little harder.

I can feel your misanthropy through the computer screen.

Just remember, your distrust of mankind should not be taken seriously. That leads us to our next topic, Self Righteousness


t mulligan. said...

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Dee-dee said...

They have vegan cheese now.