Sunday, June 8, 2008

File Card Action pt 3


Josh "t-nutz" Harper said...

Ok this has nothing to do with strip (in fact i haven't even read this one...sorry no offense). But i remember kaylon you and i talking about the uniqueness of your name. Well I haven't met too many harpers...ok when i see a business with the name harper i become a blindly loyal patron. Like harper & row, now harper & collison, and locally harper towing and w.o. harper plumming. Well! i saw a tuttle lumber truck this weekend in austin. Maybe kin-folk? I though you would like to know...ya'know for the deck in the backyard next to your pool your about to build. Anyway thought you'd like to know.

Josh "knowledge bone! whats da science?" Harper said...

Oh is the website for verification:

(p.s. in my sig i made a BELLY ref. its a hype williams movie. yes the hip-hop vid director. you need to see it. its not good but not bad. it has great one-liners and you will quote it for ever. netflicks it and let me know what you think.)

K. Tuttle said...

Let me go on record as saying Tuttle Lumber has always meant something a little differant to me...maybe I shouldn't have said little.

p.s. I added Belly to the netflix