Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Misanthropy Part 1

Misanthropy – Noun: hatred, dislike, or distrust of humankind, the theme of this blog
Such a seemingly cruel and unfunny theme. On top of that, after reading the Blog, you might make the argument that random silliness is the theme. It is not, misanthropy is. If advocating Godzilla for president does not show disdain for mankind, I don't know what does. He is an agent of random destruction.

Well, it would be random destruction if he came stateside. As it is, Godzilla is a wanton racist with an unfounded hatred of Japan. There, I said it. Godzilla is a racist. He always attacks Japan. Why? The Philippines, Korea, and China are all within walking distance for the King of Monsters, yet he keeps going back to Tokyo. The only explanation is he hates the Japs.

Racist bastard.

I distrust all mankind equally. It seems unjust to only hate one race, especially one that makes such bloody good cameras.

Racism is really just laziness. They have taken the right step to distrust people, but slacked off
before the realization that ALL people suck, not just Jews or Blacks or Chinamen (I mean Asians) or Whites.

Other people's laziness really pisses me off. Mine does not because I don't get paid enough to work hard.

Ah good old hypocrisy...our next topic in the misanthropy series

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Russ said...

your right. hitler was esentially a misanthrope and he was one of the hardest workers the world has ever seen (with the help of amphetamines).

p.s. for clarification purposes, i don't like hitler or anyone else.

Misanthropically yours,

The Famous Russell C.