Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ladyfriend's Blog

My girlfriend has a blog. i want to read you. All lower case.

It started because she is a little Internet retarded and she could not find A Bit Sketchy. So she started her own blog.

It is funnier than ABS.

Each post is hilarious.

I'll share the latest post with you. It's the first one since January 11

Back, by popular demand!!!

Leave comments galore. Hopefully with positive reinforcement she will post more and become rich and famous and I can live off her coat tails.

Please. I've wanted to live off a rich women for years. Please help me with this.

K Tuttle


t mulligan. said...

dammit man, i cant fall in love with another blog...i do have to spend some time doing actual work at work...not reading hilarious blogs all day...but alas, i find myself loving the latest post in your girlie's blog...and your comment of bust a cap in your ass old chap. touche my friend, touche.

K. Tuttle said...

Well, the the moment she is posting things twice a year. You should be safe from M. Krafts hilarity for the most part.