Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Summer Time

It is time again for that age old summer dilemma. No, not how do I hide an erection on a public beach. That was settled many, many summers ago (Duct tape). No, there is a much more pressing matter. . .

The summer sun rises on the dawn of the best summer footwear. Shed the patent leather, rubber, mesh and cotton prison confining your feet and don the convertible shoe, the flip flop. The flip flop is most likely the ancestor to all footwear. I think they found a pair of Tevas at a Neandethal dig site. I could go on about the greatness of the flip flop, but that is not the dilemma.

The dilemma is this: Which foot flips and which foot flops? Does it depend on which foot takes the first step? Or is one foot always a flip and one foot always a flop? And if you say it doesn't matter, then why don't we call them flop flips? I think this question deserves serious attention. Sometimes I get really lost in this debate. So much so that I find it difficult to take another step without knowing whether I am flipping or flopping. And that can be quite a pain whilst crossing busy streets.

E.G. McMillan


Russ said...

I have two new products about to hit the market that you might be interested in...the first is flip-flips and and the other is flop-flops.

Marketing slogan for flip-flips: "So cool you'll flip"

Marketing slogan for flop-flops: "For a gentleman/lady for discerning taste, who likes the cool refreshing sound of flopping" (this will be a "high end" product marketed to owners of mansions, etc. because of the difficulty and expense of getting both peices of footwear to flop)

Your pal,

Famous Russell C.

MrsPlain said...

Not to throw you for a loop... but they are also called thongs. Cheers to summer thongs!

E.G.McMillan said...

There goes that erection problem again. . .
Oh, you were talking about footwear.