Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Angelina Jolie is a body snatcher. She is a Pod Person. We all know it’s true.

How else do you explain all the adoptions?

How else do explain Brad Pitt becoming a pansy?

How do you explain Billy Bob becoming a semi-normal guy?

How else can you describe the fact she is a "Movie Star" when she has had no hit movies and don’t say "Gone in 60 seconds" because that was a Nick Cage movie.

She replaces people with duplicate pods. It’s the only answer.

Think about it. And think about the ramifications.

K Tuttle


t mulligan. said...

dammit. touche. i totally agree. touche again.

Russ said...

tisk tisk k tut...how quickly you forget Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and her uncredited appearance in Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell II

K. Tuttle said...

Rusty you're exactly right, how could I forget those gems. There is also Cyborg 2. A real winner.

Josh Harper said...

She did win an Academy Award for Girl Interupted. And Hackers fucking rocked!!!

K. Tuttle said...

She played a crazy lady in "Girl Interupted" That was not acting because she is a crazy pod person and therefore any award does not count.

Josh said...

I didn't think of it like that...she is crazy!

Dee-dee said...

Haven't you seen Gia??? Anyway, Brad Pitt was already a pansy, she just brought it out and if being a POD person creates that much control over the hearts and lives of followers around the globe, then sign me up!