Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho

I once wanted to move there.

I still do want to move there.

My ladyfriend does not, so Savannah it is.


That was kinda Haiku-like. Who knew I was poetic?


Back to the lecture at hand. I have a lot of free time at my job and I have fallen in love with many places online. Boise was the second place I fell in love with.


I liked that it was cold. I liked that it is a growing city. Growing quickly as well; twenty-two percent per annum, no less. "Per annum" is fancy speak for per year. 


I liked that they had a spunky football team. Take that, Big 12.



Look at this downtown! How cool is that? You get a great view and on top of that you are not in Colorado.


I have met my fair share of Coloradoans and they are proud of their state and for no good reason. You were born in a state with mountains. Big whoop. You didn't actually do anything, Colorado.


Texas, they were their own country.

Virginia, they produced tons of Presidents.

South Carolina, they seceded from the Union.


All of those things are interesting and worthy of pride.


Colorado, you have done nothing. There is no reason to be proud.


But the view is so cool. Boise is a place to get the aesthetic benefits of Colorado, without any of those damn Coloradoans (Sorry, Vikki).


Too bad I shall never live there.

K Tuttle



t mulligan. said...

so you are moving to savannah??? when. i will visit there for sure.

K. Tuttle said...

Most likely January 09. We shall see.

t mulligan. said...

glad to see you have an exact date, but its still a "most likely"...thats a double negative if you ask me...its like me saying im not, not drinking this weekend.

Dee-dee said...

I for one am glad you are not moving to Idaho. There are plenty of potatoes here. That picture of "downtown" is brown and teeny. If you were to move there you would need a goat, sherpa and some good climbing sticks, so you could live in the mountains. If you want brown and flat, move to west texas. Meggs is right, Savannah is much better and i'm glad she has persuaded you.