Thursday, January 10, 2008

The New Gold Stadard

I have been looking at presidential candidate's. There is a guy I like. His name is Ron Paul. He is a Barry Goldwater Conservative, a classic libertarian, small government guy. He wants to go to the gold standard. He doesn't like foreign interest involved in our money, buying and selling our dollars like Pez dispensers or "New Kids on the Block" trading cards. He wants the dollar to be tied to something of actual worth. This ignores the 60 years of uninterrupted economic growth since we went to the current standard, also ignoring the boom/bust nature of a gold based economy and currency trading as a productive economic tool itself.

I like the idea of a commodity based monetary system. It seems ballsy. Paper money is only functional if the society that is using has faith in that currency. The American people, Saudis, Europe, and Chinese all have faith in the almighty dollar and the worlds monetary system as a whole. That is not enough for me. We as Americans should be proud of our money. We should switch to an antiquated commodity based monetary system not now, but yesterday. Why?

Three words - Diamond Backed Dollar. Oh yeah, you read that right Diamond Backed Dollar. Say it out lout a couple of times. Diamond Backed Dollar....let it linger on the tongue....Diamond Backed Dollar. Now that you have been won over with a boss ass name, let me show you the real genius. A diamond backed dollar would give you all the benefits of both a commodity based and a the current, market and exchange based monetary system, because, well, diamonds are worthless. What you ask. Diamonds are not a rare items. They are a common item whose price is based on artificial scarcity and women's desire for shiny things. Their price is based on De beers keeping most of the them off market and women's' engagement ring pissing contests. Did you know 3 Canadian provinces are actually 100% diamonds. De Beers owns them. They coined the term 'ice' because of it. How gangsta is that.

Back to the plan. Buy De Beers and go to a Diamond backed Dollar. Then use diamond like we have used the dollar. Since both are based on peoples faith in their worth not their actual worth. Dollars and diamonds are the same concept. Why not tie them together.

Here are a couple examples:
1) If the dollar is weak say "Oh one of our factories caught fire, at a diamond destroying temperature of 50,000 degrees. No diamonds for Christmas or Valentines Day." Price of diamonds goes skyrocketing, as does the dollar.

2) The dollar is so strong and we can't export our superior goods to ungrateful foreign lands, a recent problem diamonds would solve. "Release the Diamond" we say. "Open the floodgates of commerce" we holler enthusactically. On top of the trade benefits of a less weaker dollar, our cash strapped government gets a finical windfall from all the diamonds the just sold. Double whammy.

The fact that diamonds can't be traded in markets because each one is is different doesn't matter. We're America. The fact that the current monetary and economic structure have been working for the last 50 years, forget that. We have much stronger rhetorical skills than the oppostion. We're America damn it, the Economic superpower of the world. Its about time our money sounded as bad ass as we are.

Diamond Backed Dollar.

Bling Backed Buck, Wow, i didn't think it was possible but that sounds even cooler. Bling Backed Buck, awesome.

If we are going to be a cosumeristic culture, we gotsa have the money to back it up.Write you congressman today in support of a Diamond Backed Dollar

I am by the way a brilliant brilliant man.

K Tuttle

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