Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apparently I made a draft diary.

So appaently I made a draft diary

Questions from the Draft

Why did Parcy Harvin drop to 22 when he is a top ten talent?

Percy Harvin dropped to 22 in this last week's draft because of “character issues” (read: smoked a joint and is a bit of a punk) and that is just retarded. He is ridiculously fast, can play multiple positions and is as good as anyone I’ve seen in the open field. He looked like Reggie Bush did in college but against actual defensive talent. He is the game breaker of the draft. It is stupid for him to drop to 22 because of a joint. He should have dropped to 22 because he is always hurt.

Just saying.

Why did Brian Orakpo, the premier pass rusher drop to 13?

Brian Orakpo was the premier pass rusher in the draft. You can’t win without a pass rush and defensive ends are notoriously brutish. They often coast on talent alone in college and don’t have the work ethic to excel in the NFL. The knock on Orakpo was that he took off plays. I don’t get that. He played in the Big-12 against passing spread offenses. Every down was a pin your ears back and rush the quarterback down or so the scouts would have you think. But that is not true. First of all, no one has the energy to rush the QB on 69.84 plays, on top of that a lot of plays are runs, designed as passing plays. A bubble screen to the far side is a running play. Orakpo should not get dinged for not pursuing every dump off and 5-yard slant. That, in normal offenses, would be a running play where he would be tied up in a mauling run block. I’m not saying Orakpo will be a star. I don’t trust most coach’s ability to teach and he could be a bust. He just wasn’t lazy.

Why did anyone listen to Eric Mangini about Michel Crabtree?

Michael Crabtree dropped to 10 because Eric Mangini thought he was a prima donna. Eric Mangini, who has a God complex, thought someone else was a prima donna. Why on earth is anyone listening to Eric Mangini? He is an ass. He runs off talented players everywhere he goes. Jonathan Vilma, Kellen Winslow, he is trying to get rid of Bralon Edwards. And whom does he bring in, Brett Ratliff? Really? This is the guy you are listening to about Crabtree? Wes Welker, former Texas Tech wideout, practiced with Crabtree when he was a redshirt freshman and said that he could have started in the NFL back then. I’ll take my wideout advice from the kid who caught 120 passes last year, not from the guy who didn’t make it out of the playoffs the last two years and choked down the stretch with Brett Farve.

So what is the answer to all of these questions? Many of the people who run NFL teams aren’t very smart.

I think I'll be wrong on all of these.

K Tuttle


t. mulligan said...

all i can say is that i miss football..badly. baseball is great and all, dont get me wrong, and im stoked orlando made it to the nba finals, but still, football, whether it be college or pro, is just so much better.

boom. that just happened.

K. Tuttle said...

This is very, very true. I spent more time reading about OTA's than I do about baseball. It makes me hate myself a little.