Monday, May 4, 2009


After the wing was repaired, the plane handled like a brick, but at least it was a flying brick. Jack was pleased with himself as he returned to the turret. He couldn't wait to sleep in his own bed. He missed his bed. He missed his couch. He missed the sandwich place down the road. They served these roast beast sandwiches with avocado...mmmm, so good.

He knew he had to debrief. He knew they needed to come up with a post shadow Gov't game plan, but he just wanted his sandwich. At this point he realized something, he no longer had a girlfriend. You should not be thinking of roast beef sandwiches when your girlfriend just saved your life from an exploding space pyramid.


You shouldn't be sitting in the back of the plane with your dog, while she is sitting with an ex-lover.


He climbed down the ladder and walked towards the cockpit. He walked past Johnson and Harry, who looked at each other knowingly. "Did they know I was going to talk with the girl who just saved my life? How did they know that?" Thought Jack.

How do you dump a girl you owe a life debt?

Why was he dumping her anyway?

As he started to think about her, his mind floated off towards roast beef...mmmmm. Right, that’s why he's dumping her.

He looks up and sees Eliza and Vince in the throws of passion. It was bound to happen, old lovers in a life or death situation getting through it by the skin of their teeth; they have to have sex right then. Jack could see Harry and Johnson sneak out after the wing was repaired leaving them to their sexual tension, hence their knowing looks.

Eliza looks up, "Oh Jack this isn't what... why are you smiling?"

"Creep," Vince mutters.

Jack says, "Well, I was sitting in the turret thinking about roast beef sandwiches and not you, so I thought I would come up here and break up with you, but that would make me look like a jerk, since you just rescued me and all. I was really nervous but now as I walk in on you two fooling around, I realize I'm not the bad guy because YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAT? You were going to dump ME? I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE!" Eliza yelled.

"And I just saved yours by fixing the wing, so we are even. Vince, thanks for the rescue. Getting Eliza back should work as my payment" Jack said as he walked out.

"JACK!" Eliza yelled as Vince smiled and said, “I like him after all!”

Harry and Johnson applauded as Jack sat next to them in the plush Clipper lounge.

"Well done, Jack" Johnson said.

"I don't know how you did it." Harry said.

"Did what?" Jack asked with a Cheshire grin.

"You just made yourself the bad guy when you walked in on your girlfriend making out with some other guy. That takes skill,"
Johnson said.

Jack smiled even bigger as he put his hands behind his head and said, "Yeah, when it come to being an ass, I am the last true craftsman."

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