Monday, April 20, 2009

Popular Women

I do not like popular women. Popular women have a sense of entitlement. They ask for too much. I hate that. What I hate more is, I end giving them what they want. I do that so they go away quickly.

I work at a hotel, a pretty upscale hotel, that ends up getting lots of popular women; women who have been given what the want from the word go. If by chance they don't get their way they then tilt their heads, bat their eyes and ask in their sweetest voice "Are you sure" . Americans have been trained the customer is always right. Life experience has never told these popular ladies that they are not always right, so I am forced to give them what they want. I am mostly civil and I try to smile at them, I really do try. Occasionally I flirt and swoon and behave so shamefully that they feel like we are the most welcoming place in all the land, and that I might be in love with them.

But they are beautiful. They are used to such treatment.

Unfortunately for my hotel career, mostly I am short with them. They irk me so. I just want them to go away. This is out of pure unadulterated spite. I have no luck with popular girls. I have therefore developed a dislike for girls who like stupid things. Just girls though. It’s a weird double standard. I'm ok with guys who like stupid things because most guys’ stupid things are sports or Sci-fi, both of those things I love. I just want conversation. Popular girls don't usually talk about thing I want to talk about. It is not a short list and I fell it is varied

Here is a list of thing i will talk to anyone about for far, far to long.
Beer (Not Anheiser Busch products)
Sci- Fi television
Economic news
Bad Action Movies
Global politics
Foibles of man
Grunge rock
Comic book super heroes
1980's teen movies
National Politics
Music in general
BBQ (Texas or Carolina's)
How much I dislike pretty women and why
My plans for the Apocalypse
Indie Rock

If you bring up any of these topics I can and will go on for hours. I don't think this list puts me in a minority. It just puts me at tragic loss when dealing with popular girls because I don't like Friends, Sex in the City or Gossip Girl. You know why? Because they are populated by thoughtless popular girls. You know who does like those shows? Thoughtless popular girls, or the thoughtless popular side of very smart girls. Everyone likes garbage they shouldn't.

I, for example, like action movies. They are no different than stupid girl dramedy-sit-coms. In fact they are the same thing. Sex in the City and Fight Club are both mind porn for the sexes, presenting an idealized version sexes values. Fine whatever. What I really hate the girl who has nothing else in her pop culture catalog than the garbage she is supposed to feel bad about loving. What is a reasonable guy supposed to talk to you about when all that you love is trash? We are going on the bold assumption that I am a reasonable guy.

And that is what life with the opposite sex has been like for me, I have developed a taste in wide variety if topics, music, film, 20th Century English literature, in part to impress popular ladies, only to find out that none of these ladies are impressed with what I know. Only the nerdy ones are interested in such things.

Fortunately some nerds become super hot, and they do not like popular guys because all they do is talk about sports an action movies. Let me tell you, I got the pick of the litter in that crowd.

But they are so hard to find.

Nerds don't go to trendy bars

K Tuttle

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dicktrickel said...

ohhh K Tut...this one hits home as my wife is a sex in the city junkie and in fact has a poster for the movie hanging up in the master bathroom (which is why I never use it)...this promotion of unadulterated accumulation of pointless brands of purses and shoes makes me vomit with disgust and I could go on but don't want to steal your just hit me... hit me hard, you bastard