Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As Willis MaGahee was carted off the field in Pittsburgh last night I thought, “It’s this guys destiny to be killed on a football field in front of the all America.” Whenever I see Willis I can’t help but think of his knee being blown up against Ohio State in the game that made Jim Tressle a “Big Game” coach. Some things change some don’t. Willis MaGahee will be killed or have a limb removed from his person, before he retires. I fear for him every time he touched the ball.

That was the most lasting thought from the Championship weekend. I’ll get to other soon enough but first on the Super bowl prediction.

Pittsburgh wins.

This is not a knock on the Arizona players. This is not to say that Ken Whisenhunt will not use his knowledge of the Stealers system to devise a brilliant stratagem for victory. This is not an endorsement of Ben Rothlisberger. I hate him. No, it has everything to do with Karma.

Arizona cannot win because of their “1925 Championship.” Karma cannot let these things go, (please ignore the 1947 Championship It is inconvenient and contradictory to my argument.) there must be a balance so fate must rule against Arizona here. There will be some terrible call against them that will take the championship away from them. Remember that while watching the game. It really is only fair.

There is also the fact that the team was stolen from St. Louis in 1988 starting all the mid 90s team movement.

No Karma says that Arizona cannot win the big one.

We should have learned this from Goldwater and McCain as well.

Eagle vs. Cardinal

Larry Fitz = wide out Jesus
Larry Fitzgerald is very, very good. I watched him a lot his sophomore year at Pitt, and was amazed at the balls he brought down. I didn’t know if he could make those catches against a pro db. He ca. He simply doesn’t have to be open to make the catch.

Jim Johnson was not on the sideline.
Jim Johnson wins the Eagles 5-7 games a year by getting ridiculously hot as a defensive play caller. He knows what the other team is going to do and he crushes their souls. That did not happen Sunday. He is typically on the sideline and gets a feel for the game and Philly’s D never got hot.

Ride McNabb one more year and Draft Tim Tebow
McNabb just doesn’t have the intangibles to win it all. I am not the first person to say this I know, but I have been saying for years. He is a talented guy, but he doesn’t bring out the best in his teammates. They sit around wait for him to come though and are surprised when suddenly the ball is in their hands.
Tim Tebow is the exact opposite of that. He wills his team to victory. Compare their collage stats and the offenses they ran. Both ran a passing spread offense and both progressed as passers each year. Both ran. A lot.
Andy Reid might be comatose on the sideline and incapable of emotion as a human being, but he did turn McNabb from a running QB in to a mobile pocket passer and solid pro. He could do it for Tebow as well, with the leadership upside that he brings.

Ravens vs. Steelers

I hate Ben Rothelisberger
He is a good QB and he is great when a play breaks down, but he is Steve McNair tough. That is not a compliment. Playing through an injury does not show you are tough, not getting hurt shows you are tough. Playing trough pain shows you are resilient. He is a resilient guy. He stands back in the pocket forever and holds onto the ball till stars collapse, and he gets hit. A lot. He then complains he is hurt. A lot. NO! You don’t get to do that. You are the one who stood around back there for 47 seconds. Make up your damn mind. Throw the ball away. Roll out of the damn pocket. DO SOMETHING! I hate him. I’m not saying he sucks, just that I
hate him.

Ray Lewis is Old.
I have not always like Ray-ray. People around him died. That is no good.
His dancing is awful. As the years went on he has matured and he just kept hitting people. He is now the aging middle linebacker, getting by on knowledge and will, riding the last little bits of his body. There was a play where Lewis dove for a pass and Almost picked it off and I though of how a young Ray-raywould have picked that off. I liked remembering young Ray Lewis. I like aging Ray Lewis. I like how he prayed for Willis MaGahee the whole time, Willis was down. He knows Willis is going to be killed on the field. He saw that OSU game too.

Joe Flacco (read Cam Cameron) loves the deep ball.
Couldn’t you try a screen to Ray Rice? The bubble Screen to Clayton worked out OK. Maybe try adding something to your offense aside from throw the bomb and hope for interference, Cam Cameron.

All right, I think when I start giving advice to a coach who just went 1-15 a season a go I should sign off.

K Tuttle


dicktrickel said...

I agree with the MaGahee assessment and most of the other ones...except for friggin' Tim Gaybow. When will you fuckers stop sucking this guys dick? Yes he's a good guy...yes, he's a good leader...he loves god and jesus and circumcises children in countries where you don't need a license to perform a cirucmcision. But one thing he will never be good at will be an NFL quarterback. He may play safety or tight end (even then he won't be that great). If a team actually is stupid enough to start him at qb they'll find out that his arm strength sucks and his accuracy sucks more. Are you people that blinded by all of the media hype? I truly believe this truths to be self evident, damned hillbilly gaytors.


Famous Russell C.

K. Tuttle said...

Ah Tebow, the third rail of collage football.

I am a Bulldawgs fan. I do not like Gators. Tebow circumcises babies and eats the foreskin. He says it tastes like calamari.

But look at his numbers and compare them to McNabb, and remeber the strength of the defenses he faced.

There is a good chance he sucks as a pro, but it is dependent on the system and coaching. His arm is better than Penningtons or Orton. He can't be less accurate than Eli Manning. Look he is a Steve McNair type QB, give him roll out run options for the first 2 years till he can handle more and he'll be OK. Treat him like Alex Smith and he will suck. But McNabb and McNair should be the models for comparison.


K Tuttle