Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have seen America's future and it is bleak.

I have met her teachers and they are retarded.

Children and the elderly are generally the hardest hit by the plague. Then, those who deal with them. That would mean the teachers.

That would be a blessing.

Any child taught by the teachers that I came in contact with this weekend should be killed and cremated. It would be a mercy killing. The life they would lead could not be of any value, because they were taught by people who are of no value.

When the plague comes, I hope it takes out the teachers and the children. We are going to need strong, smart people, people who are capable of adjustment and improvisation. These teachers were not such people.

My parents are teachers. My grandparents were teachers. They would be fearfully afraid of any child educated by these people.

So, when the plague comes, do not weep for the lost children. Be thankful that they did not inherit the earth, because no answers to any of our problems will come from anyone taught by the vicious, vacuous, morons that I came in contact with today.

May God have mercy on our land because China and India, countries who teach math, will not.

We are so screwed.

K Tuttle


Matt said...

Maybe I just missed it because it is early on a Sunday, but what/who did you come in contact with "today?"

K. Tuttle said...

Teachers, lots of brain dead teacher.

Chris said...

Brain dead is an understatment... Just remember #626 =) See ya at 3!

E.G.McMillan said...

Ahh, must be time for the teacher's convention. Oh joy. By the way, my room was supposed to be tax exempt. . .