Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fusion Water

We have a new container for our very popular “Fusion water”. The hotel has gone through a dozen or so of these containers in six months. Some have been dropped. Some cracked when washed in hot water while still cold. One exploded from the pressure of supplying tasty water to guests. These containers, historically, have the life span of a Spinal Tap drummer.

Now that is a dated reference, but I think we are a dated group of people.

Especially Rusty.

Back to the topic at hand, I have started a casual over/under pool for how long this container lasts. It is set at 6 weeks.

Things to keep in mind before placing your bet:
1. It’s acrylic, making it much harder to shatter.
2. It is very heavy, which make a simple drop far more likely.
3. Unknown cosmic forces seem to hate these containers.
4. It does not have to be destroyed, just damaged enough to be unfit for guests.
5. The kitchen hates bringing it out.
6. The kitchen hates filling it up.
7. The kitchen hates carrying it back.

So sign up. At the moment there is no reward but pride of winning. Hotel Kitchen staff is not allowed to play due to conflict of interest. (But if a certain front desk agent whose name starts with “K” wins, he might pay you off with beer. Don’t worry, this is in parenthesis and Italics, no one else will be able to read it.)

Sign up in the comment field and we here at A.B.S. will keep you updated.

K. Tuttle


Melissa said...

What is "Fusion Water"?

K. Tuttle said...

Fusion water is water with fruit in it. We fuse water and fruit. It's magic

megkraft said...

Melissa, this is Megan. One day gold fish will go swimming through wood chips in search of your

Melissa said...

kaylon, megan is creepy. I don't goldfish to take my soul. Help me.

E.G.McMillan said...

Wow, Megan, where did you get those shrooms and will you be sharing on the fourth?

megkraft said...

Mcmillan, you can bum shrooms off me anyday!

In regards to the post...I say that the fusion water container will break in LESS THAN SIX WEEKS!

Melissa said...

Correction to my previous comment: "I don't WANT goldfish to take my soul." Megan is still creepy.

Chris said...

Wow, so noone has really entered the bet yet? Sheesh, talk about off topic! ;)

I give it... 5 weeks... July 15... ish...