Thursday, April 24, 2008

Once At A Bar

So we here at ABS have started a new tradition. We have purchased a notebook. The  notebook fits easily into a handbag and once the night has progressed far enough, (read: everyone is nicely drunk) we pass the notebook around and draw our evening. It brings some interesting results.

This is me. I was wearing a silly bucket hat. 
M Kraft is the artist. 

We shall name the series after this drawing , the first of many "Once at a bar".

K Tuttle.


t mulligan. said...

is that the same notebook where u write down silly quotes that are worth writing down said by your friends...if so, what was my funny line u wrote down around christmas time about 2 years ago...i know its a long time ago, but its the only quote of mine you ever wroted down...i swear i was at one time funny.

K. Tuttle said...

Different notebook same concept. I claimed to be Ossma Bin Laden and you are the only one who heard me. You then said... "That is why he is never caught!" Good stuff.

t mulligan. said...

thats right...greatest joke ever. because it still rings true...unfortunately, but still, hilarious.

Russ said...

hey, i got some stuff in that notebook, too, if i remember correctly....but hell if i know when i said them or what i said. i order you to shed light K Tut! (it's rusty)