Thursday, April 10, 2008


After a basically useless argument with the Blagermeister I have decided that hypocrisy is bullshit. Let me clarify. The concept that hypocrisy is bad is bullshit. It the is batting average of morality. It looks and sounds good but it does not actually tell you about how effecivlly the person is at creating good in the world.

In fact hypocrisy might make you better at proselytizing.

Take Billy Graham. He was not a good father. He was so bad his son, Franklin, rebelled and got into all sorts of fun stuff, like drinking and motorcycles. This was the son of the man preaching family values. Clearly Billy was a failure and a hypocrite then, right?

No don't be a Jackass.

What about Al Gore? He travels in a burn fuel like mad in a private jet. This is the guy talking about global warming and how we need make sacrifices. He is tiring to save the world. Clearly, Al was a hypocrite and a liar then, right?

No he’s a pretentious ass.

But these two actually accomplished something. The found a cause pushed towards achieving it and people listened. Then the tall poppy syndrome comes up, chopping down the effective people. We must find fault. We look for hypocrisy and write them off.

Ayn Rand wrote 2 books idolizing men without flaw, unintentionally propitiating the unflawed man myth.

People are flawed. Every one is full of idiosyncrasies and paradoxes both small and large. Most of them are comical some of them are tragic, many can be read as hypocricy. But they are not worth getting mad about.

Let me tell you why. Those qualities are what make movies, novels, and art poetic and beautiful. Human flaws give a richness to life.

Stupidity, that is something to get pissed about.

K Tuttle


jaxturtles said...

Testing, testing... is this thing on?

jaxturtles said...

Hey, it worked, Let me see if I can say something interesting now.....I think you are hypocrite to be putting down hypocrisy. Hu do you think you are?

jaxturtles said...

One last comment, Ktuttle gets his humor from his dad and his sarcasm from his mom.

E.G.McMillan said...

So is the hypocrisy all his own?

Ben said...

No he’s a pretentious ass.
awsome kaylon. youre the shit, son.